Various Hell Gate articles written in 2013 to 2017 (see Press section for some of those articles).

From 2000 till today, Patriotic murals under the “American Heritage” project painted on Hell Gate and it’s support bases in Astoria. “Eagle’s Spirit” on Shor Blvd by Cycle and Roger Smith; “Native American History” on 33rd Street, “Welcome to Astoria” and “The Greek Gods” on Steinway Street underpass; all were painted by Lady Pink, Roger Smith and Frank Sinatra School for the Arts.

“Our World” by St John’s Prep art students and Lady Pink on Crescent and Ditmars Blvd.

All these murals were designed by Antonio Meloni and sponsored by the New York Anti Crime agency with Community or Council funds and with Amtrak’s blessing.

Their primary purpose was to give nascent artists from local schools a chance to show off their skills and as “Neighborhood Beautification” projects to beautify highly traveled and graffitied areas in Astoria.

In late 2016 and early 2017, various agencies including the Greater Astoria Historical Society ran a series of Commemorative events honoring the Hall Gate’s 100th Anniversary. On March 9th, they held a Birthday Party and informative talk; on April 1st a Co-Sponsored event with Amtrak; in the Spring, 2 very informative and fun walking tours; “Hike to the Hell Gate” with Richard Melnick and Queenscapes and a photo contest and exhibition of Hell Gate Historical photos.

In late 2016 and early 2017, New York Anti Crime also had a number of community meetings wherein all that you see in this website came to fruition. The Photo/Logo Contest.Your Story with the Hell Gate Bridge/Movies, Commercials and Businesses using the Bridge Image and other ideas were implemented by local groups and residents wanting to honor the 100th Anniversary.

In September 2016, the New York Anti Crime agency in Cooperation with FDNY Battalion 49/Engine 312 used an engine mounted water cannon to take decades of mold, grime and graffiti off the Hell Gate on Shore Blvd in Astoria Park. The next month the 114th Precinct exploreres, under Officer Carl Miluso and Inspector Peter Fortune, Scraped and Painted the whole base of the Bridge. In February 2017, three very talented and renown artists began painting the latest “American Heritage” murals in honor of the Hell Gate 100th Anniversary. “Liberty, Justice and Freedom” and “Hell Gater 100 NYC” were begun and one month later, in extremely frigid and windy weather, artists Eli Lazare, Benny Guerra and Dragon 76 completed New York Anti Crime’s newest patriotic murals. Go visit them!

Coming up in September 9th, on the weekend of September 11th, we’re going to have “A Day Of Service In Remembrance” as we’ve had these past 15 years since 2001. This tri purpose day will have a “Hell Gate 5k Run” sponsored by the Hell Gate Road Runners and the Italian Federation at 8AM, followed by a “Little Ones Parade” at 10:00 with local school kids from various schools including PS 122 and 85. This will be immediately followed by a Veteran’s Memorial and 9/11 Joint Ceremony for a flag raising wreath laying at the Memorial on Shore Blvd in Astoria Park. All in honor of 9/11, Veterans and the Hell Gate 100th Anniversary.

Further Events will be listed as they are planned.

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Our mission

“To properly honor the 100th Anniversary of the building of the Hellgate Bridge, an Iconic Local and Historic Landmark, through Community celebrations and events.”

"To begin discussion and planning to tastefully light and paint the Bridge”

"To disseminate information about the Hellgate and its history and lead the effort to maintain the structure and environs in a proper and safe manner for future generations of users”