Hell Gate Bridge Photo & Logo Competition

Join Us in Celebration of the Chosen Photos

Last Submission: Midnight November 1st 2017


Any photo taken of the HellGate, Shore Blvd, the Triboro or Astoria Park is eligible.
There will be separate categories and multiple winners in each.
There is no prize, except the knowledge that everyone else agrees that you are as good a photographer as you believe.

Vote: By liking the photo or logo, and don’t forget to share it so all your friends can see.

We’re looking for a number of diverse logos, that will be put on t-shirts, jackets, banners and commemoratives that exemplify the HellGate Bridge’s 100th Anniversary

They can be a scene, a patch, round with border, include words etc.

We leave that up to your imagination.

(A limit of 1 image for Photos and 1 Design for Logo may be entered per person)

(Also, if you’ve seen or have used the Hellgate on your logo for your business, let us know so we can include it in our Gallery of Business pixs. Additionally, we know there are hundreds, especially lately, of images of the Bridge included in many movies, commercials or documentaries; send us a link.)